• It is not change world easy, but we can form closest enclosing without barriers. We are group of specialist arrangement of interior design. We take care of good style and funcionality of object about very different destination. We will help to make cosy joint state, stylish restaurant, modern disco, business object friendly clients, if motivating refreshment boarding house.

    We like curious challenges, so, we will undertake with amenity also realization of non-typical task, they require which from planners of big experiences and non-standard approaches. We motivate contact and assigning of question. We will arrive willfully, in order to present details of our offers personally. One phone or there can be start of great change e-mail, placement due to which states becoming unique place, where each is felt well and it is returned to which willfully always. If motivating refreshment boarding house.

  • Preliminary analysis

    Before we proceed to the design work, carefully analyze the needs and expectations of customers and check the technical capabilities of the objects to be covered by the order. On the basis of the information gathered by our staff make the initial concepts of architectural arrangement. We present them in theform of sketches and using photographic documentation or design.

  • 3D Visualization

    After accepting by client of concept, period of creation of detailed plan is started . Project has been illustrated behind assistance photorealistic ( render to jest obraz wizualizowany nie wiem jak go dokładnie przetłumaczyć) 3D, we suggest employment of concrete material and utilization coloring definite. Due to it, and before changes know begin introducing, our clients exactly know as arranged will look placement again.

  • Professionalism

    These actions have chosen concept after conducting to life only begin including. We produce majority element endowment, that causes, that we have full control over project. So, we can guarantee highest quality, certitude have too, that work will be finished in established deadline earlier.

Grupa Design Showroom

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